Student Review of “Extraordinary Means”, by Robyn Schneider


Teenage TB patients are quarantined, not expecting to find love, friends, hope, or a normal future.  However, each character learns to grow, mentally and emotionally. It’s a beautifully told story, each page bringing something new and special into the Young Adult Fiction genre. Be it the butter-beer lattes or risky trips to pick up loot in the woods from Michael, a Starbucks worker, these kids defy their illness, defy their fate, and ultimately, just mess things up. It’s amazing! It is hard indeed to say that this book is anything but phenomenal. For anyone who needs a hard cry, good laugh, or just a great way to spend your weekend, this books is the nook for you.


–Written by Unicorn Sparkles

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Student Review of “My Lady Jane”, by Cynthia Hand

Ohhh Lordie!!! This book is filled with laughs and giggles, adventures and fun, royalty and hideous schemes. Edward is king…but he’s dying. His cousin, Jane, must marry to produce a successor. His sister Mary is in on the plot as well. His older sister Beth is the only one in the castle who hasn’t turned on Edward. Oh yeah, certain people can turn into animals. Jane is a *plot spoiler*, Edward is a *plot spoiler*, Grace is a *plot spoiler*. Follow their adventures for a good read. BTW, the plot thickens when you find out which plot Mary is a part of!

Written by *Unicorn Sparkles*


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Libros en Español!

Ya tenemos más de 20 libros en español.  ¡Ven a ver a Leighanne para hojear nuestra selección!

Come check out our new books in Spanish!

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Slam Poetry Contest

Slam Poetry Contest

Ellen Hopkins is coming to Scriber!

Tuesday, January 24th at 1PM

To celebrate, SLH Library is hosting a Slam Poetry Writing Contest. The top 3 winners will receive a signed copy of one of Ellen Hopkins’ newest books! We will present the winning poems to Ms. Hopkins as a thank you gift.

How to Write a Winning Slam Poem:

  • Write an original poem based on your own experience.
  • It can be fictional, but it should feel true.  
  • Keep your poem one page or less.
  • Choose to rhyme or go free verse, but don’t skimp on the rhythm.
  • Ask a friend, teacher, guardian, or coach to read it over before you submit it.

Turn in your poems to the SLH Library Friday, January 13th at 2:15 pm.

Need some inspiration? Check out Ms. Hopkins’ advice for writers here!

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Ellen Hopkins is Coming to Scriber!!!

What: Her Awesomeness, Ellen Hopkins, will be visiting Scriber Lake High School in 2017!

When: Tuesday, January 24th from 1-2:15 PM

How: We are the luckiest school in the universe! Special shout out to Kasey Meier (Mountlake Terrace Librarian) for setting it up and 3rd Place Books for hosting her.We are so psyched!


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#We Need Diverse Books

Here at Scriber, we celebrate all voices, backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and identities and one of the ways our library showcases that is through our #We Need Diverse Books display. Here you will find books about race, ethnicity and identity and what it means to be break the cookie cutter mold others have cast for us.

Come check them out!

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Come Check Out our New Books from Rotary!

Thank you Edmonds Rotary, Washington Kids in Transition, and our amazing community for providing us with another batch of extraordinary books! Read the news article about Scriber’s Open House here, and then come on down and check out a new book, Scriber!

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