Scriber Lake High School Library’s Collection Selection Policy

Statement of Philosophy

Scriber Lake High School will ensure that every student becomes a success by helping them identify, develop, and maximize their strengths, skills, and talents. In addition, they will prepare students to become effective users and producers of ideas, information, and technology. The Board of Edmonds School District shall provide materials that reflect its diverse population, provide a global perspective, and help students develop critical thinking skills and aesthetic appreciation.

Selection Objectives

  • To make available to faculty and students a wealth of materials that will support, supplement, and enrich the curriculum.
  • To provide a wide range of the best materials available at varying ability levels and interests.
  • To enhance the curriculum with materials which reflect the social, economic, religious, and ethnic diversity of Edmonds.
  • To select materials that present various sides of controversial issues so that students have an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills.
  • To provide materials in a variety of formats, including both print and electronic materials, to support the students’ learning needs.
  • To select materials that stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and societal standards.

Responsibility for Selection

The Edmonds School District has delegated the responsibility of selection of books and other resources to the teacher-librarian. The Edmonds School District has delegated the responsibility of selection of textbooks and curriculum to department committees. The Edmonds School District has delegated the responsibility of selection of student computers and library technology to the Districts Instructional technology Department.

Selection & Gift Criteria

This criteria applies to all materials, including gifts and loans. The teacher-librarian will use reviews of materials and her professional judgement to make the selection. This is a suppository library, rather than a depository library. That is, the material we have is carefully selected to appeal to our readers and move on the shelf. Materials selected for the Scriber Lake Library must:

  • Be relevant to today’s world and be of interest to today’s students.
  • Help students gain an awareness of the world, their lives, and themselves.
  • Represent the student population.
  • Have a high degree of potential user appeal.

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