State of Scriber’s Library, Fall 2017


First off, a huge thank you to :

  • The Laura Bush Foundation who gave us $2,500 for new books
  • The Edmonds Foundation “Creative Classrooms Grant” who gave us $500 for new books
  • The NEA’s “Read Across America” who gave us $1,000 for new books

It’s the end of our first quarter of the 2017-18 school year and we wanted to share some exciting news from Scriber Lake High School’s Library. Last year, we applied for and received about $5,000 in grants and allocations for our collection–just shy of our $6,000 ideal budget. I am so grateful to our principal, Andrea Hillman, and Office Manager, Chris Kratz, who dug into the budget at the end of last year and pulled some magical funding out of their hat to support our library program! In addition, Edmonds SD libraries will also be receiving $5 per student this year from our district, which is a wonderful first step to ensure fully and equitably funded school libraries!

And oh, What Funding Can Do!

SLH is working to undo institutional racism in our library collection by removing older biased or inaccurate books and purchasing “windows and mirrors” books: books which reflect the beautiful and diverse backgrounds, languages, interests, passions, orientations, cultures, and identities of our students. And oh, what a difference it makes! Our library has been hopping and our 200 students have been checking out more books than ever before. And no, that is NOT hyperbole. Check out these circulation statistics, pulled from our library reports:


Average # of books checked out first 5 days of school from 2014-2016.


# of books checked out the first 5 days of school 2017-18. That’s an average of a book per student!


# of books checked out Quarter 1 of 2016-17 school year.


# of books checked out Quarter 1 of 2017-18. That’s roughly 3.5 books per student! 


Scriber Lake High School’s Collection Analysis for 2017

If you’d like to know more about the state of our collection, please take a look below at our collection analysis from Destiny Titlewise. As you can see, we still have a lot of work to do to update the 31% of our “aged” titles, but compared to 2014 when 65% of our collection was considered aged, we’ve made some nice progress.


Soap Box

Just looking at our circulation numbers, it’s clear that our students will read when they have books that interest them and reflect their identities! We owe it to these amazing young people to stock their libraries with intriguing, exciting, and enticing books, because these books will fan the flames of their interests and passions for the rest of their lives. We know that a reading routine leads to greater reading comprehension, and greater reading comprehension leads to greater accessibility and opportunities in life. Our students deserve to lead successful, vibrant lives, pursuing their dreams. Please speak up to fully fund the libraries that are the heart, the safe haven, the information hub of every school.


image library collection

Scriber Lake High School’s Collection Analysis for September 2017, published by Destiny Titlewise.

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