Scriber Lake High School Library

Join us December 11th for the Creating a Success Culture Conference!


Creating a Success Culture, by Scriber Lake Teachers

How do we create a school with heart and soul? A place that focuses more on supporting students’ dreams for the future than getting through a curriculum? What if we change our conversations with students from transactions–which often maintain the status quo–to transformations, where nothing stays the same?

The staff of Scriber Lake HS accepted a 3-year challenge to imagine these possibilities and develop systems around them. We went on a journey to empower our disenfranchised students using 17 questions designed to bring them back into the center of their own education. Join us for an afternoon to learn how we have shaped the culture of our school through the use of Appreciative Inquiry and Trauma-Informed Practices.

Where: Lynnwood High School

When: December 11th from 11:30 AM-3:00 PM

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