About Your Teacher-Librarian

Hi, my name is Leighanne Law and I became Scriber Lake High School’s teacher-librarian in 2014. I’m originally from Michigan, where I graduated high school as a theater nerd in 2000. The next year, I moved to Northfield, MN, started my BA in English, and got to read all the time and talk about books.

I loved being an English major so much that once I graduated in 2004, I decided to become a bookseller at one the most amazing indie-bookstores in the country, McLean & Eakin, booksellers. I worked there for four years as a young adult bookseller and event planner. Then, because I needed a new place to explore, I moved to Seattle in 2010 and began working at The Elliott Bay Book Co. up in Capitol Hill. What a haven for a reader!
In 2012, I went back to school and earned my MA in Teaching with an endorsement in Secondary English Language Arts from the University of Washington. While I was in school, I worked at the lovely Phinney Books in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. In 2015, I also earned my School Library Media Endorsement from UW’s iSchool. Now, to my relief and delight, the only school I get to go to each day is Scriber Lake High School!

If I had my druthers, I’d be a Steampunk Librarian.

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