State of the Scriber Lake Library, Spring 2019

It’s been a wonderful and busy year in the SLH library. As many of you know, we cannot create library collections that engage, reflect, and represent our amazing communities without equitable funding. This year, we are so grateful to the following organizations for funding us:

  • The Snapdragon Grant awarded $4008
  • Edmonds School District provided $2,420



With that funding, we were able to add hundreds of books. Comparing August to May, our circulations jumped from 2,262 in the 17-18 school year to to 3,183 this year!


Check Out Our Updated Statistics:

Lib Stats 2019

Statistics show improved average age of our collection. Average age of collection: 2010. Average Age of nonfiction: 2009. Average age of fiction: 2011.



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Book Spine Poetry

Thank you, Scriber Lake High School freshmen, for creating these beautiful and thought-provoking “found poems”.

How to read a Book Spine Poem:

  1. Read each title from top to bottom.
  2. Marvel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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State of Scriber’s Library, Fall 2017


First off, a huge thank you to :

  • The Laura Bush Foundation who gave us $2,500 for new books
  • The Edmonds Foundation “Creative Classrooms Grant” who gave us $500 for new books
  • The NEA’s “Read Across America” who gave us $1,000 for new books

It’s the end of our first quarter of the 2017-18 school year and we wanted to share some exciting news from Scriber Lake High School’s Library. Last year, we applied for and received about $5,000 in grants and allocations for our collection–just shy of our $6,000 ideal budget. I am so grateful to our principal, Andrea Hillman, and Office Manager, Chris Kratz, who dug into the budget at the end of last year and pulled some magical funding out of their hat to support our library program! In addition, Edmonds SD libraries will also be receiving $5 per student this year from our district, which is a wonderful first step to ensure fully and equitably funded school libraries!

And oh, What Funding Can Do!

SLH is working to undo institutional racism in our library collection by removing older biased or inaccurate books and purchasing “windows and mirrors” books: books which reflect the beautiful and diverse backgrounds, languages, interests, passions, orientations, cultures, and identities of our students. And oh, what a difference it makes! Our library has been hopping and our 200 students have been checking out more books than ever before. And no, that is NOT hyperbole. Check out these circulation statistics, pulled from our library reports:


Average # of books checked out first 5 days of school from 2014-2016.


# of books checked out the first 5 days of school 2017-18. That’s an average of a book per student!


# of books checked out Quarter 1 of 2016-17 school year.


# of books checked out Quarter 1 of 2017-18. That’s roughly 3.5 books per student! 


Scriber Lake High School’s Collection Analysis for 2017

If you’d like to know more about the state of our collection, please take a look below at our collection analysis from Destiny Titlewise. As you can see, we still have a lot of work to do to update the 31% of our “aged” titles, but compared to 2014 when 65% of our collection was considered aged, we’ve made some nice progress.


Soap Box

Just looking at our circulation numbers, it’s clear that our students will read when they have books that interest them and reflect their identities! We owe it to these amazing young people to stock their libraries with intriguing, exciting, and enticing books, because these books will fan the flames of their interests and passions for the rest of their lives. We know that a reading routine leads to greater reading comprehension, and greater reading comprehension leads to greater accessibility and opportunities in life. Our students deserve to lead successful, vibrant lives, pursuing their dreams. Please speak up to fully fund the libraries that are the heart, the safe haven, the information hub of every school.


image library collection

Scriber Lake High School’s Collection Analysis for September 2017, published by Destiny Titlewise.

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Student Review of “This Savage Song”, by Victoria Schwab


Kate Harker is on one side of the border. August Flynn is on the other. Kate is a human raised to fight the monsters, her father the “protector” of his city. August is a monster, Sunai, a being that must feed on human souls to survive. His adoptive father is the other side’s ruler. Through fate, these two are brought together and embark on many adventures together, despite the family dispute. Will Kate ever regain her father’s pride? Will August go against his nature, unlike his brother Leo? Who are the real monsters and who can you really trust?

–Written by Unicorn Sparkles

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A Student Review of Poisoned Apples, by Christine Hepperman


Poisoned Apples by Christine Heppermann is a book of realities for teenage girls. It is a book of poetry that reveals the inner workings of eating disorders and relationships that everyone should know. It brings an understanding of struggles every young female goes through in school and at home and with themselves. Two of the most eye opening poems to me were “You Go, Girl!” and “If Tampons were for Guys”. Both of which I had to stop reading after because of the emotions and the realizations running through my head. Poisoned Apples was a thoroughly enjoyable book that can make the head spin with thoughts.

Written by Jenna

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Student Review of “Gone”, by Michael Grant


“Teenagers” are in charge when everyone older than 13 disappears and many come to identify unnatural talents and skills. The children work as well as they can to maintain a preschool, McDonalds, grocery store, and fire station. All of which are kept open for a sense of normalcy. Even with an opposing group threatening to shatter their way of life, people disappearing, a mysterious force, and deformed, mixed-up animals roaming about, these kids manage to work as a team  (kinda) in order to ensure success  answering their questions.

–Written by Unicorn Sparkles

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Student Review of “What the Dead Want”, by Norah Olson


Gretchen lost her paranormal researcher of a mother, and while her father is on one of his numerous trips, she gets a call from her great aunt saying she’s received her family’s estate. Soon Gretchen encounters the ghost of her mother, an aunt with a suicidal plan, ghosts of wrongfully buried innocents, and the great history of her family. Gretchen must find a way to release these vengeful spirits, and she must find out what the dead want. Will she use the power of photography? The power of truth? Will she ever find out what happened to her mother? Read and find out!

-Written by Unicorn Sparkles

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April is Poetry Month! Come Check out our Book Spine Poetry in the Library.

April is poetry month, friends, and we’re celebrating by creating book spine poetry all month.

Poem 1

Book Spine Poem: We love you, Charlie Freeman! Don’t fail me now. If I was your girl, We should hang out sometime.

poem 3

Book Spine Poetry: The round house, House of purple cedar. American street, Hollow city.

poem 2

Book Spine Poetry: Behind the beautiful forevers, –More happy than not– The beautiful struggle, in order to live.


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Student Review of “Extraordinary Means”, by Robyn Schneider


Teenage TB patients are quarantined, not expecting to find love, friends, hope, or a normal future.  However, each character learns to grow, mentally and emotionally. It’s a beautifully told story, each page bringing something new and special into the Young Adult Fiction genre. Be it the butter-beer lattes or risky trips to pick up loot in the woods from Michael, a Starbucks worker, these kids defy their illness, defy their fate, and ultimately, just mess things up. It’s amazing! It is hard indeed to say that this book is anything but phenomenal. For anyone who needs a hard cry, good laugh, or just a great way to spend your weekend, this books is the nook for you.


–Written by Unicorn Sparkles

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Student Review of “My Lady Jane”, by Cynthia Hand

Ohhh Lordie!!! This book is filled with laughs and giggles, adventures and fun, royalty and hideous schemes. Edward is king…but he’s dying. His cousin, Jane, must marry to produce a successor. His sister Mary is in on the plot as well. His older sister Beth is the only one in the castle who hasn’t turned on Edward. Oh yeah, certain people can turn into animals. Jane is a *plot spoiler*, Edward is a *plot spoiler*, Grace is a *plot spoiler*. Follow their adventures for a good read. BTW, the plot thickens when you find out which plot Mary is a part of!

Written by *Unicorn Sparkles*


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Libros en Español!

Ya tenemos más de 20 libros en español.  ¡Ven a ver a Leighanne para hojear nuestra selección!

Come check out our new books in Spanish!

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Slam Poetry Contest

Slam Poetry Contest

Ellen Hopkins is coming to Scriber!

Tuesday, January 24th at 1PM

To celebrate, SLH Library is hosting a Slam Poetry Writing Contest. The top 3 winners will receive a signed copy of one of Ellen Hopkins’ newest books! We will present the winning poems to Ms. Hopkins as a thank you gift.

How to Write a Winning Slam Poem:

  • Write an original poem based on your own experience.
  • It can be fictional, but it should feel true.  
  • Keep your poem one page or less.
  • Choose to rhyme or go free verse, but don’t skimp on the rhythm.
  • Ask a friend, teacher, guardian, or coach to read it over before you submit it.

Turn in your poems to the SLH Library Friday, January 13th at 2:15 pm.

Need some inspiration? Check out Ms. Hopkins’ advice for writers here!

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Ellen Hopkins is Coming to Scriber!!!

What: Her Awesomeness, Ellen Hopkins, will be visiting Scriber Lake High School in 2017!

When: Tuesday, January 24th from 1-2:15 PM

How: We are the luckiest school in the universe! Special shout out to Kasey Meier (Mountlake Terrace Librarian) for setting it up and 3rd Place Books for hosting her.We are so psyched!


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#We Need Diverse Books

Here at Scriber, we celebrate all voices, backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and identities and one of the ways our library showcases that is through our #We Need Diverse Books display. Here you will find books about race, ethnicity and identity and what it means to be break the cookie cutter mold others have cast for us.

Come check them out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Washington Kids in Transition Champion SLH Library!


SLH’s Library Program is lucky to have such a magnificent parent group. Recently, they connected us with Kim Gorney, of Washington Kids in Transition, who is dedicated to helping our library program receive equitable funding and updated, engaging reading materials. I created a Wishlist with the help of students and staff, and Kim posted the wishlist on Amazon.


The response has already been incredible! We would love to thank the Rotory club for the pledge to purchase 90 new books for our library, as well as the many members of our community who have already purchased over 50 books from our Wishlist.


If you would like to purchase a book, visit Washington Kids in Transition for instructions and more information, or access this link to the Amazon Wishlist. Every book on the list will make a difference to our amazing students.

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Poetry Contest for 2015-16 Yearbook

Yearbook image

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Join us December 11th for the Creating a Success Culture Conference!

Creating a Success Culture, by Scriber Lake Teachers

Creating a Success Culture, by Scriber Lake Teachers

How do we create a school with heart and soul? A place that focuses more on supporting students’ dreams for the future than getting through a curriculum? What if we change our conversations with students from transactions–which often maintain the status quo–to transformations, where nothing stays the same?

The staff of Scriber Lake HS accepted a 3-year challenge to imagine these possibilities and develop systems around them. We went on a journey to empower our disenfranchised students using 17 questions designed to bring them back into the center of their own education. Join us for an afternoon to learn how we have shaped the culture of our school through the use of Appreciative Inquiry and Trauma-Informed Practices.

Where: Lynnwood High School

When: December 11th from 11:30 AM-3:00 PM

Check out the sessions and register online in the PD Portal.

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Coming Soon…

new books!We will be adding 3 boxes of new fiction, nonfiction, and manga to the library in the next few weeks. Come in and check them out before school, after school, during family, or by appointment during SSR.

keep calm books

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Library News: Grant from the Foundation for Edmonds School District

Thank You, Edmonds Foundation!

Scriber Lake High School students absolutely want to write. They also absolutely want to read. It is with gratitude that I announce that Scriber Lake High School has received an Edmonds Foundation Creative Classroom grant for $500 to purchase personal narratives for the school’s library.

Continue reading

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